Mississippi Tea Party Darling Bragged About His ‘Mamacita’ Outreach

Mississippi Tea Party Darling Bragged About His ‘Mamacita’ Outreach



Mississippi Sex Ed Class Compares Women to Dirty Pieces of Chocolate

Mississippi Sex Ed Class Compares Women to Dirty Pieces of Chocolate

But until the sex moms manage to revise the curriculum, students should use their own logic to dismantle lecturers who compare humans to disposable candies and pristine toothbrushes. Passing around a piece of chocolate is an evocative image, but it doesn’t ultimately make much sense as a sexual metaphor. Sure, nobody wants to eat a dirty piece of candy, but why is anyone passing around an unwrapped chocolate anyway? You just eat it, and then it’s gone, so I’m not sure what the problem is. And clean toothbrushes are great, but do you really want to use that same toothbrush for the rest of your life? Doctors recommend replacing it every three to four months. And about that pristine stick of gum we keep hearing about: If having sex with a woman leaves her like a chewed-up gob of polymer, why would you ever want to have sex with a woman more than one time, ever? Much less marry her? Marriage sounds disgusting!

Mississippi Passed Its Anti-Gay Segregation Bill.

Mississippi Passed Its Anti-Gay Segregation Bill.

The first time a conservative Muslim taxi driver refuses to pick up a woman not wearing a hijab, legislators will suddenly realize Christianity isn’t the only religion in the world and totally freak out. Sharia law has been the big bad boogeyman of the Christian right for a long time, and now they’ve taken the first step to legally enabling it.

Let the South Go

More and more it seems like we have less and less in common. I’m wondering, why are we part of the same country? We seem to have diametrically opposed views on what makes a good life and what is the role of government. And this isn’t about small government or conservative government. Inserting your religious rules into every aspect of public life isn’t small government or conservative. It is very liberal. Denying science isn’t conservative, its stupid. So why are we one country again?